Rescues and Tows

Objectives: Trip Leader Candidates must be able to perform a variety of assisted rescues self-rescues, and tows in Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Trip Leader conditions.

For sit inside kayaks, the skills include:

  • T-Rescue
  • Scoop Rescue

The following skills are optional if sit-on-top kayaks are available:

  • Assisted Rescue side-by-side with stabilization
  • Assisted Rescue cross kayak with PFD (life jacket) grab

For both sit inside and sit-on-top, the skills include:

  • Stirrup rescue
  • Efficient self-rescue from a swimming start
  • Swimmer carries (bow, stern, and back deck)
  • Contact tow (forward and reverse)
  • Tow – single boat and multiple boat inline
  • Rafted tow
  • Unresponsive paddler rescue (e.g., Hand-of-God, boat flip)

Note: The trainer shall evaluate the candidate’s situational awareness and ability to maintain group control during the performance of rescues and towing exercises. A variety of touring, sit-on-top, and tandem kayaks may be used at the trainer’s discretion.

Course Applications and Suggestions: We’ll cover this topic on the water or in the outdoor classroom. Candidates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to rescue and tow in scenarios.