Nigel Dennis (NDK) Sea Kayaks

Beginning 01-May-2019, RiverCoast is proud to serve as a dealer for Nigel Dennis Kayaks (aka SeaKayakingUK). In addition to performance kayaks in wide ranging designs, we also can offer Celtic paddles and Reed gear.

American Canoe Association

Since 1983, Lynne - and now as RiverCoast -  has offered kayak and canoe instruction through the American Canoe Association (ACA).

RiverCoast instructors are adept in sea/coastal kayaking, whitewater kayaking and canoeing, and quietwater. For racing (including the Texas Water Safari), RiverCoast recommends Paddle With Style.

Paddles & Accessories

Boats, Paddles, Accessories

RiverCoast is testing a variety of paddlesport equipment and services for future offerings (including MT Canoes and JoeO' traditional paddles.

For Wenonah canoes, Jackson whitewater kayaks, and Werner paddles (as well as fishing kayaks and SUPs), RiverCoast recommends TG Canoes & Kayaks.

Contact us for more information about purchasing kayaks and paddling gear, and kayak instruction and classes.