Kayaks & Canoes for Sale

RiverCoast paddles and recommends composite and rotomold NDK sea kayaks. We have an inventory of new and used NDK kayaks in stock. Of course we can also order a new kayak for you, custom built in any colors and with other options.  Note – custom orders are subject to availability or later delivery. Contact us for details.

Custom NDK

Order a Nigel Dennis kayak (NDK) custom built to your specifications.  Explore color and feature options at Nigel's website or by contacting us for assistance.  Shipments from Wales generally arrive twice per year.  Often, we offer pre-order discounts.  Demo our kayaks before ordering your dream kayak with a near perfect fit.

2021 Retail Prices plus sales tax (excluding Triton and some customizations):

  • Rotomold plastic (Sport and Sportive) = $2,400
  • Fiberglass (all lay-ups) = $4,385
  • 50/50 (Fiberglass hull/Carbon Kevlar deck) = $5,260
  • Carbon/Kevlar = $5,860

Kayak Specifications - see draft chart detailing NDK kayaks.

Pilgrim Family

  • Echo -  A long expedition/play kayak for small paddlers designed to handle well in surf and rough water
  • Pilgrim - A responsive kayak designed for the smaller, slim, or lighter paddler
  • Pilgrim Expedition - Slim, fast kayak with carrying capacity for camping expeditions for the smaller paddler.
  • Latitude - Designed for the taller paddler, a narrow fast kayak with an extended cockpit and knee humps.

Romany Family

  • Sportive - A responsive plastic kayak for the small to medium sized paddler with good speed and maneuverability for surfing and rock garden play.
  • Romany Classic - Award-winning all around rough water kayak for the medium sized paddler
  • Sport - A responsive plastic kayak for the medium-large to large paddler with good speed and maneuverability for surfing and rock garden play.
  • Romany Surf - Maneuverable all-around kayak that excels in surf and all-around conditions for the medium to large paddler
  • Romany Excel - A high-performance kayak for the extra large paddler.
  • Romany Excel Expedition - Longer than the Excel with extra carrying capacity

Explorer Family

  • Explorer - A fast kayak designed for rough water and for covering distances for the medium sized paddler
  • Explorer HV - With the same hull as the Explorer, the addition of deck knee humps and 1.5" of depth for the paddler with longer legs or larger feet.

Greenlander Family

  • Greenlander - A traditional Greenland kayak design with hard chines but scaled up to fit western kayakers
  • Greenlander Pro - Similar to the Greenlander but fitted with a keyhole cockpit and faster with a little straighter rocker and slightly longer hull.


  • Triton Tandem - A fast and fun double kayak based on the Explorer so that it is ideal for weekend and week long trips.