We have NDK hatch covers. Specify 8" for Day Hatch of 10" Hatches (for composite or rotomold).  Order via Contact Page or Cart for customized service.


 RiverCoast can now get Celtic paddles for you!  Order via Contact Page or Cart for customized service.

Celtic paddles (pronounced with a hard C) are quality paddles made for the intermediate to advanced paddler (or those aspiring to be).  Note that four piece paddles with adjustable lengths and feathering are standard.  Check Nigel Dennis’ website or contact RiverCoast to try Celtic paddles.

Shafts (in 200-210 cm, 205-215 cm, or 208-218 cm lengths with custom orders feasible)

  • $ 208 Carbon Straight Shaft with Lever-Lok
  • $ 345 Carbon Crank Shaft with Lever-Lok (when available)

Blades (kinetic shape with curved tips and slight spooning provides a sure-grip catch and lively kick at release)

  • $ 315 Carbon Light (600, 650, or 700 pair set)
  • $ 315 Carbon Standard (600, 650, or 700 pair set)
  • $ 270 Fusion N12 (heavy but nearly indestructible)

We are testing Nigel's new dihedral blades - the Alpha and the Omega.  Inquire for details!


Lendal paddles began in 1964 as one company before Celtic and Lendal split into two different brands. Lendal are made in New York. RiverCoast has recently learned that Lendal is making paddles again beginning in June, 2021 (with an estimated six to eight week backorder estimate).  Contact Lendal directly and tell them that RiverCoast referred you.