Trip Leader Candidates must be able to demonstrate safe, effective, and efficient maneuvering in Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Trip Leader conditions. The focus of the training will be on desired results rather than on specific technique. Maneuvering skills shall include:

  • Forward and reverse paddling
  • Turning with forward and reverse momentum
  • Static turns and 360 degree rotation with forward and reverse strokes
  • Sideways movement – both static and with forward momentum
  • Preventing capsize with braces

Note: The training context shall include maneuvering for towing, attaining quickly the bow of a capsized boat, paddling on edge to maintain directional stability, using support strokes to prevent capsize, reverse paddling to assist in rescue (rather than turning), or similar application of personal maneuvering skills.

Course Applications and Suggestions: We’ll cover this topic on the water or in the outdoor classroom. Candidates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to maneuver and to stay upright while paddling.