NDK Kayaks for Sale

RiverCoast paddles and recommends  composite and plastic NDK sea kayaks. We have an inventory of new and used NDK kayaks in stock at our Austin, TX location. Of course we can also order a new kayak for you, custom built in any colors and with other options.  Note - custom orders are subject to availability or later delivery. Contact Lynne for details.

New and demo kayaks in stock

  • Romany Classic (carbon/kevlar - white/black-gold)
  • Romany Surf (fiberglass - dark blue/white)
  • Excel
  • Explorer HV - in Texas September, 2020
  • Sport (rotomold red; rotomold blue)
  • Sportive (rotomold red - demo, new blue and new lime green)
  • Latitude (fiberglass - red/white)
  • Pilgrim Expedition (fiberglass - violet/white)
  • Triton (carbon/kevlar 2 piece - yellow)


Celtic paddles (pronounced with a hard C) are quality paddles made for the intermediate to advanced paddler (or those aspiring to be). Check Nigel Dennis’ website or contact RiverCoast to try out or buy Celtic paddles.

Lendal paddles began in 1964 as one company before Celtic and Lendal split into two different brands. Lendal are made in New York. Learn more about the Lendal line-up of paddles at RiverCoast.

Used Kayaks for Sale in Austin

RiverCoast is making room for incoming NDK inventory, which means you get a great deal on a used kayak! All the below kayaks were kept indoors with excellent care. Contact Lynne for details.

Coastal Kayaks

  • P&H Capella 167 (Fiberglass). 2009. Red deck/white hull with blue trim. P70 Brunton compass and upgraded skeg system. Very good condition. Video review.
  • P&H Cetus classic. (Fiberglass). 2009. Red deck/white hull with orange trim.  P70 Brunton compass and upgraded skeg system.  Very good condition.  P&H promo video.
  • QCC 700X. (Carbon/kevlar), 2013. Red deck/white hull with blue trim. One patch barely seen on outside in left upper stern hull. Very good condition. Written review.

Used Canoes for Sale in Austin

  • Old Town Royalex Tripper
  • Jackson Tripper Tandem with accessories (Review)